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Catch All

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Whether you are looking to unclutter your home or just have a place for all of your valuables, this catch all will do the trick. This valet tray will be the perfect home for your keys, wallet, loose change or any other item you can imagine. Know exactly where you put all of your stuff and sleep peacefully knowing your items are doing the same in this leather tray.

- Solid Brass Hardware

- 6’’ W x 6’’ L

- Reinforced bottom with HFA logo 

- Lifetime Warranty

Please note that all Catch Alls are naturally waxed. This tray is designed, crafted and handmade in Jersey City, NJ with the highest quality leather. All items will ship within two weeks.

On the fence about what to choose? Don't be. Try out one of our custom wallets, belts or catch-alls and know that you will have a one of one piece for years to come!

Inventory Last Updated: October 1, 2019