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Limitless Belt (Chocolate)


Do you wear pants? Cool. Then you need a belt. Are you sick of belts that stretch and get warped within months? Say no more. Crafted with the finest leather in Sedgwick English Bridle from England -  the new Limitless Belt will never let you down. Simple, durable and beautiful. I am excited to switch up my belts moving forward. You will not be disappointed.

- 1.5in wide

- 10oz leather

- Solid Brass buckle, keeper and screws


For sizing questions, please reach out. However, a good measure of thumb is to measure from the hole that you currently use to where the belt buckle starts (in inches).

 Please allow up to 14 days for delivery. This product is guaranteed for life. Have issues? Reach out and I will make sure it's taken care of.