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The Process

Let's cut to the chase - everything on this site is handcrafted from start to finish with no machines used, unless you consider a set of hands a machine. In that case; every HFA piece is made using machines.
Ever since the beginning, the goal has been to start and finish every order using nothing but my hands. I promised myself that I wasn't going to use sewing machines, dremels or dies; and have stayed true to that promise.

Each item starts as an area rug sized full-grain hide, that I cut into (after pouring a nice glass of bourbon usually). From there, I thoughtfully prepare each piece for the hand stitching, which usually entails gluing the wallet together and getting it looking 'somewhat' like a wallet. The stitching technique is called "Saddle Stitching" and has been around for years and widely regarded as one of the strongest stitches. This ensures the wallet isn't going to bust at the seams.

After each piece is stitched I move on to meticulously approaching the edges. There is nothing worse than a beautiful wallet with edges that received no attention. All edges get beveled, sanded and burnished before the piece is ultimately ready for a final waxing. 

And then it meets your pocket.
Guaranteed for Life.