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The Leather

I only use the highest quality leather to craft and create the products that you hopefully will use for years to come. Since starting HFA Goods in 2018, I have gravitated towards leathers that are tanned using a 'Vegetable Tanned' process - a natural process that takes weeks to complete. The first leather I ever worked with was a Natural Veg Tan hide. There is something about watching your wallet evolve, and I fell in love with that. Since that first hide, I have gotten the chance to work with tons of different leathers before ultimately deciding on what I believe is the best stuff you can get your hands on. In 2021, I am happy to announce that I am exclusively using Vegetable Tanned leather from one of the best Italian tanneries.

All wallets will be crafted in 'Natural' unless specified otherwise, while all accessories (Keychains, Air Pod Pro, Camera Straps, etc.) will be crafted using 'Pine Green'. Purchasing a wallet in 'Natural' allows you to create your own story. You will have a wallet that is ever evolving - spanning across a dozen or more shades of brown. I look at my wallets as an extension of the individual and the life you live.