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Apple Watch Band


It goes without saying, but these days it's hard to close your rings. Harder than ever. But, you guys have spent the last year asking for one and I am happy to deliver in 2021. Custom watch bands fit for daily style. Looks classier then the silicone band it comes with but not as flashy as some of the ones I see out there. Sit back, wear it and watch this beautiful Natural Veg Tan strap age like a fine wine.

- Italian Natural Veg Tan

- Minimalist Design

- Hand stitched for durability

- Lined with Butter Veg Tan leather from Italy 

- Comes in two sizes + two adapter color options

Please allow up to 14 days for delivery. This leather in this product is guaranteed for life, and adapters I supply have shown to be sturdy but can be faulty. Have issues? Reach out and I will make sure it's taken care of.