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Limitless Camera Strap


I told myself when I got my own camera for HFA; I would make a camera strap available to the public and here we are! Simple and rugged with a touch of everything I love about this passion - Copper Rivets, Natural Veg Tan and clean stitching. Walking around for the day grabbing photos is a breeze with this strap thanks to the double layered veg tan neck pillow. Go on, thank me later.

- Featuring Peak Design Anchor Links (Ability to be used by nearly all cameras)

- 42in fixed length 

- Crafted from the finest Italian Veg Tab leather

- 'Double Layered Veg Tan Neck Pillow' -- (May or may not have made this up)

Please allow up to 14 days for delivery. This product is guaranteed for life. Have issues? Reach out and I will make sure it's taken care of.