On December 6th - HFA Goods will be taking a little break. All orders submitted before then will ship in time for the holidays.


HFA Goods is a small brand focused on delivering the finest handcrafted leather goods.
My name is Tyler Russell and everything you see here is a product of my imagination resulting from one week in 2018 when I somehow lost my wallet. After thinking about where it could have been and searching every place imaginable I came to the realization that the wallet I lost really had no sentimental value and I was more upset about the essential pieces that were inside of it.
The next step, which wasn't logical whatsoever was to search Amazon for another cheap wallet that I would be able to get the next day. That search quickly took a detour and resulted in looking at DIY leather wallet kits. I took a deep breath and asked myself how hard could it be? We would find out that next week.
I have always been creative and liked using my hands to build stuff from a young age after seeing my father and grandfather do it for years. I started on this journey not knowing where it would go but loved the idea of creating one of a kind pieces that others would enjoy pulling out of their pockets on a daily basis. The idea of making something for someone that they could talk about to their friends inspired me. When you pull out your 100% handmade piece there is no telling who's eye it may catch.
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