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Yo! Tyler here. The sole maker and founder behind HFA Goods - established in late 2018. 'HFA' standing for Home Field Advantage. The idea that you as an individual can create that. You don't need to be be in a place of comfort to have that advantage. An unequivocal belief in yourself. A long shot hobby that quickly turned into something much larger in time. Something that has led me to meet many amazing people and brands. The real reason why I love doing this.

When I sat down at my coffee table in the fall of 2018; my only goal was to make a wallet for myself because I had lost mine and didn't feel like spending money on something that I knew I wouldn't love, but it would serve a purpose. At that point, a wallet to me held money and cards - that's it. Nowadays, it means so much more. More than I can ever write down, but you'll have to trust me. If I am lucky enough to make you something, I hope you understand.

Not only do I enjoy making every piece that I send out; but I truly value the relationship and connection that we make. This is extremely part time for me. I've said it a bunch but this is my '10pm-2am' job; and I am okay with that. Putting together something completely handmade that you will enjoy for years to come is not only satisfying, but it's also something I value myself. It's a process to make these items. Someone much wiser than me said that 'Anything of quality, takes time'. If I could meet that person I would look them in the eyes and tell them they're right, and likely shake their hand. -TR