Making sure you get exactly what you want is our goal on every order. Below are some questions that we get asked a lot and will hopefully make any tough decisions a little easier. If you don't see your question answered here, feel free to email us at help@hfagoods.com.
1. What if I don't want white thread with my wallet?
No worries! Just leave us a note when checking out and we can make it work!
2. Will my wallet stretch out over time?
Yes. All wallets are lightly waxed and leather naturally stretches a little over time, so any wallet that may seem a little tight at first is only going to loosen up.
3. When can I expect my item?
Each piece is made one of one so please allow two weeks for shipping. Any delays will be communicated.
4. After purchasing a leather item, how should care for it?
Everyone is going to wear and use their wallet a little different, but to play it safe we recommend conditioning/waxing your item every few months. It will ensure it keeps on living!
5. What should I do when I pull my wallet out at the bar and my friends start asking questions because they carry tri-folds that are two inches thick?
Smile, tell them you don't have scoliosis and direct them to HFA Goods.