The Brown Bag

The Brown Bag

Raise your hand if you were sent to school back in the day with a 'brown bag lunch'. I was for about eight years. School lunches were awful, and I enjoyed making my lunch with my mom the night before. Rather than spend the $2 on a bunch of mush slapped on a styrofoam tray; I opted for a PB&J, a bag of chips, an apple and usually a Capri Sun or Kool-Aid Jammer. That was the jam, pun intended.

Why the back story? Well, because in 2020 I am excited to be offering what I will simply call 'The Brown Bag'. I have always wanted to get into making them but was scared to even start. 

Think about it, you can get a pack of 50 brown paper bags for less than $5. You use them every day, you rely on it to carry your lunch; which is a necessity for most people around 12pm every day. The contents it carries are valuable. Maybe your mom wrote your name on the front of it just in case you happened to place it in the wrong place, even though she knew damn well that it went into your backpack and directly came out to the lunch table on a daily basis. She put your name on it because it was her touch, her customization and her way of making your bag personal. 

This 'Brown Bag' is just as simple and efficient. It is exactly what you look for when walking out the door each day. Throw whatever you want in it and feel good knowing that whatever it is, is safe. Just understand, that you can't get a pack of 50 for $5.


- Measures 14 inches long x 11 inches deep 

- Opens up to 8 inches wide

- 10 hand set copper rivets for reinforcement

- Interior cell phone pocket and key clasp

- Large Exterior Pocket

- 100% hand stitched using the saddle stitch method for strength and longevity

- Elegant HFA branding

Stay tuned to the website in early January for your chance to order one. They will be available for $265. 


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