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Typing Instead of Stitching RSS

Where Does the Time Go?

Woah, 366 days ago I went live with hfagoods.com. Where has the last year gone? Seems like it was last week where I was struggling with the layout of the site, how to format pictures, and what actually needed to be on the site to make the customer experience a solid one. As I take a step back to write this, a lot of things come to mind and most of them are very positive. I was able to take something that started as a simple DIY project on the couch and coffee table and turn it into something where random people are reaching out and asking questions about what I do. I got a chance to meet tons of...

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The Brown Bag

Raise your hand if you were sent to school back in the day with a 'brown bag lunch'. I was for about eight years. School lunches were awful, and I enjoyed making my lunch with my mom the night before. Rather than spend the $2 on a bunch of mush slapped on a styrofoam tray; I opted for a PB&J, a bag of chips, an apple and usually a Capri Sun or Kool-Aid Jammer. That was the jam, pun intended. Why the back story? Well, because in 2020 I am excited to be offering what I will simply call 'The Brown Bag'. I have always wanted to get into making them but was scared to even start.  Think about it,...

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