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This Hits Home

Posted by Tyler Russell on
This Hits Home
Seeing this photo just makes me happy. Not because it's a gorgeous shot that details perfectly what this belt is about; but because to me this embodies everything a collaboration should be. 
Three makers living within five miles of each other. Jersey City, Queens and Brooklyn with leather sourced from Wickett and Craig just five hours away in Pennsylvania. Brass buckles made here and finished just up the road in Rhode Island. Indigo dipping done by a local artist in Williamsburg. The point of the story is that this belt started out as an idea between the three of us and was executed from start to finish the way we drew it up. 
Egos aside. Time invested in each step. Communication and ideas flowing through our Slack channel. This is what it's all about. I don't want to speak out of turn here but working with Ryan and Eric was special for one reason above everything else. No matter if we disagreed on something, or maybe didn't agree on a timeline or step - we always agreed that the quality and story behind this thing would be what drives it. Telling a story means the world to the three of us, and we are excited about getting the 'Brooklyner' into the hands and belt loops of our customers.

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