Where Does the Time Go?

Where Does the Time Go?

Woah, 366 days ago I went live with hfagoods.com. Where has the last year gone? Seems like it was last week where I was struggling with the layout of the site, how to format pictures, and what actually needed to be on the site to make the customer experience a solid one.

As I take a step back to write this, a lot of things come to mind and most of them are very positive. I was able to take something that started as a simple DIY project on the couch and coffee table and turn it into something where random people are reaching out and asking questions about what I do. I got a chance to meet tons of great people at three shows this past year and explain my story to each and every one of them about how HFA came about. Year one saw projects for groomsmen, corporate gifts, company parties and even a special collaboration with my buddy Eric from Fitted Underground. You guys trusting me with your wants and needs is humbling.

Year two will hopefully bring a lot of the same. When people have asked me what I have in store; my response has been pretty standard regardless of who is asking ... "More of the same, organic growth, more relationships, maybe a new product or two and more thought into the behind the scenes things that you all don't see".

I think you all will like what is in store. If you REALLY want something, just keep bothering me about it until I make it for you. If you love your item, spread the word. Boston, Hudson Valley, Rochester, Jersey City and Brooklyn you're on the list this year to swing through, and I couldn't be happier to do so. If you're around, come by and check it out. If you ever want to see the process live just reach out; I have a chair and glass waiting for you ... 

Sophomore Year.



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