Why Would You Shutdown?

Why Would You Shutdown?

This is the question I would have asked myself last year or the year before. Keep powering through. Figure it out as you go. You will make it happen.


I have 'figured it out' for two years now. HFA has gotten to where it is with the simple mentality of putting my head down and getting things done. But, I am not stupid. In order to keep it moving and growing I realized that I needed to sacrifice something, and that something was creating and building for you all. There isn't an infinite amount of time in the day, as much as I wish there were at times. 

Up until now I have lead with a solid product lineup - wallets, accessories, bags and custom projects; and I am cool with that. What you don't know about me is that I worry and care just as much about the backend of the business. It bothers me when a picture on the website is formatted differently or the wrong size. I have relied on posting random pictures to Instagram without any cohesion; and shipping products outbound isn't close to perfect on my end. Those are the things that keep me up at night. Call me crazy, but I have always been 'longevity first' in whatever I have done and I know that in order to keep HFA progressing that stuff needs to be solid. It needs to be thought out and designed with a perfectionist mindset, just like the products you see.

It was simply time to take a step back from creating beautiful pieces for you all and focus on the details that go into making the process more seamless for me and the brand. I think you will like what you see after this time away. My goal is to create coherent content and a consistent message for the public; and I think 2021 will deliver just that.

Be well.


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Keep it up Ty! Love the progress and can’t wait to see what else you’re coming up with!

David B

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